Expert Working Group

At the relaunch of the APPG on 13th June 2018, an announcement was made to launch an Expert Working Group which will be chaired by Stephen Kerr, MP for Stirling. Alastair Kerr, Director General of the WPIF, will be the working group’s secretary.

The members of the Expert Working Group are:-

● Stephen Kerr MP, Chair of both the Expert Working Group and APPG for the Wood Panel Industry
● Alastair Kerr, Secretary of the Expert Working Group and Director General of the Wood Panel Industries Federation (WPIF)
● Ian Ross, former SNH Chairman and Chartered Forester
● Rt Hon Brian Wilson, former UK Energy Minister and now member of the UK Board of Trade
● David Sulman, Executive Director of the UK Forest Products Association
● George McRobbie, Managing Director of Tilhill Forestry

The working group will assess:

  1. The challenges facing the wood panel sector sector due to lack of security of domestic wood supply.
  2. How the industry can meet 100% of UK demand for wood panel products post Brexit.
  3. How it can coexist with the wood processing and wood fuels sectors which also rely on a finite domestic wood supply.

The Working Group will report to the APPG and the WPIF management board to present its interim findings before publication.

The first of the Working Group meetings took place on Friday 10th August 2018 at Norbord, Cowie. The Group were joined by WPIF members Steve Roebuck - Managing Director, Norbord, and John Paterson - Managing Director, EGGER.

Norbord Photo by Julie Howden

Norbord, Cowie
Photo by Julie Howde

From left to right: Rt Hon Brian Wilson; George McRobbie, Alastair Kerr, Stephen Kerr MP, Steve Roebuck, Ian Ross, John Paterson

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