What we do

Within Parliament we raise issues of concern to the Wood Panel Industry and provide Parliamentarians with accurate information about matters relating to the Wood Panel Industry.

An All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) is a group of parliamentarians, from all parties and from both Houses, formed to discuss a subject in which members have a common interest and enthusiasm.

The Groups are not controlled by a party whip and only backbench members of both Houses (i.e. those who do not hold a ministerial position) are eligible to join.

All-Party Groups often attempt to draw attention to certain aspects of public affairs or act as pressure groups to promote some particular cause and can help to keep the Government informed of parliamentary opinion.

APPGs can do this in a variety of ways:

  • They can meet with Government Ministers to discuss their concerns;
  • They can table oral and written questions for Ministers to answer;
  • They can initiate Adjournment Debates;
  • They can organise functions within the Houses of Parliament to raise the profile of their cause with other parliamentarians attracting more support;
  • They can organise meetings, share ideas and co-ordinate action with other All-Party Parliamentary Groups All-Party Parliamentary Groups


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